I am an assistant professor at the physics department of Ecole polytechnique, where I teach/have teached the following courses:


Ingénieur polytechnicien program

- 1st year

2019- PHY361 Mécanique quantique, petites classes.

2017-2020 PHY301 Formation préparatoire (quantum and wave mechanics), petites classes.

- 2nd year

2020- PHY430 Mécanique quantique avancée, petites classes.

2019-        Teaching of the modal "Semiconductors".

2017- Supporting the team of France in the International physicist's tournament (2nd place in 2018, 1st place in 2019).

2017-2018 responsible of the option PHY47XA "Plasma physics and elementary particles".

2017-2019 Teaching of the modal "Laser-generated plasmas"

- 3rd year

2017 PHY582 "Current trends in materials science", 1 invited lecture (3h)


Bachelor program

- 1st year

2018- PHY104 Physics II: Electromagnetism and light (TD)

2017-2020 PHY106 Beginner's lab II

- 2nd year

2018-2020 PHY203 Advanced lab I (Teaching coordinator)

2018-2020 PHY207 Advanced Lab II (Teaching coordinator)

- 3rd year

2019 - PHY302 Advanced Lab III