About Polytechnique:


Ecole polytechnique was founded in Paris in 1794 after the French revolution.

Its motto, given by Napoléon, is: "Pour la patrie, les sciences, et la gloire" (For the homeland, science and glory).


List of notable alumni and faculty of Ecole Polytechnique



- 2nd world's best small university (2018)  (Times higher education)

- 6th worldwide among higher education institutions in terms of the number of

  Nobel prize winner among its graduates (Nature)

- 22nd in Engineering and technology (2011) (Times higher education)

- 22nd in Physical sciences (2016) (Times higher education)

- 29th Physics & Astronomy (2018) (QS World university rankings)

- 27th Natural Sciences (2018) (QS World university rankings)

- 17th in Mathematics (2015) (QS World university rankings)

- 25th World university ranking (2017) (CWUR)


- 6th in graduate employability (2017) (QS World university rankings)





Articles that I recommend:

De nouveaux matériaux bidimensionnels pour l'optique 

Valley of the Dichalcogenides

Quantum-like properties of bouncing droplets

Dualité onde-corpuscule à l'oeil nu 



Oral lectures:


Jean-Jacques Greffet, "Contrôle de l'émission spontanée avec des structures plasmoniques " 

Jean-Jacques Greffet, " Voir à travers le corps humain avec les lasers"

Alain Aspect, "From Einstein's Lichtquanten to Wheeler's delayed choice experiment; wave-particle duality brought to light "

Emmanuel Rosencher, "Comprendre les lasers" 

Florian Bigourdan, "Towards highly-efficient, fabricable optical nano-antennas"


Some great books:

Quantum Mechanics

Jean-Louis Basdevant and Jean Dalibard (2002)


Stress, strain and spin in semiconductors and their nanostructures 

Alistair Rowe (2013)


Lectures notes

Emmanuel Rosencher's lectures on semiconductor physics and opto-electronics.

Quantum mechanics lectures, first year of Ecole polytechnique.